Thanks for stopping by. Our Depth & Complexity Video Library will launch in February 2021. We can’t wait. Videos will be organized into three categories:


  • short, quick-hitter 3-8 minute clips showing how to introduce and use the D & C tools. These videos will be free for anyone to view.

  • medium length 15-25 minute videos that delve a bit deeper into D & C topics and implementation

  • 35-60 minute robust, deep-dives into best practices for using the Framework. This sub-category contains videos that have been turned into “courses” to educators can complete a culminating quiz at the end of each video to earn follow-up/PD/clock hours asynchronously.


Individuals, school and district licenses will be offered on an annual basis to access the medium and longer videos. Additionally, a special “administrator/coordinator’s” license will allow those leading Depth & Complexity training in their own district to embed entire videos or clips from our videos into their own PD.

To be notified when the library goes live, complete the information below: