Greetings Educators from Upper Arlington Schools. This is your very own Depth and Complexity page. Below you will find a video, Introduction to the Depth and Complexity Icons, that is meant to be watched prior to your workshop on November 18, 2021. The presenter in the first video, Dr. Carrie Simpson, will be your in-person trainer as well. Another video has been provided as well entitled What is Depth and Complexity to provide more background related to the origin and purpose of The Depth and Complexity Framework.

When the in-person workshop is complete, this site will contain your follow-up Depth and Complexity activities/assignments as well as a few complementary videos to broaden your understanding of best practices for using Depth and Complexity to differentiate for students.



Introduction to Depth and Complexity and the Depth & Complexity Icons

Before watching this video by Dr. Carrie Simpson, please make sure you:

  1. Have paper and a pen/pencil ready to use.

  2. Download/open the PDF handouts used during the video.

What is Depth and Complexity?