After over a decade of training educators on how to differentiate using The Depth and Complexity Framework’s thinking tools, we’ve finally reached a litter deeper into our bag of resources to bring districts and schools effective follow-up and support to ensure long-term incorporation and success. We’re so excited to announce The Extras. The Extras consist of:

Depth & Complexity Video and Student Sample Library – This is just as it sounds – instructional videos from expert practitioners covering all things D & C. Instead of just having videos, we decided to also include LOTS of student work samples.

Online Coaching – One six-hour workshop is not nearly long enough to bridge the “Training to Practice” gap. Therefore, we now offer coaching sessions specifically designed to support educators as they implement D & C. * Coaching can include demonstration lessons in your classrooms with your students.

DCAP – The Depth & Complexity Alignment Project – The DCAP Software allows teachers to create differentiated lessons and D & C Task Statements (also in the form of “I can, I will statements) with the click of a button. Don’t love every part of differentiated lessons the software produces? Thinking Skills, Icons, Resources and Products can be modified by the end user to best fit the needs of students.

Interested in any of The Extras? Complete the form below and we’ll get started customizing your learning experience.