JTE-12 | Depth and Complexity Mini/Student Icon Cards


  • After many questions and well, just a little gentle nudging from our customers, we are proud to announce our Student/Mini Depth & Complexity Cards. A complete set (12 in all) of depth and complexity dimension/icon cards, printed on thick, 24 point card stock and coated. Unlike our larger Icon card set, these are quarter-page (4.25″ x 5.5″) in size. The reverse of each card contains a few student-friendly definitions/synonyms with 2-3 task starter questions related to the icon pictured. The final card shows all 11 of the dimensions together.  This smaller set is perfect for students to share and you’ll love their ease-of-use. Sold individually or at a discount if you buy multiple sets at a time. Oh yeah, and we know your kids will be using these all the time –  so we threw in a ring and drilled a hole in the left corner so you at least come close to having all eleven at the end of the school year.