JTE-27 | Q3 Depth and Complexity Question Stem Cards

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The Q3 Depth and Complexity Question Stem Cards provide a valuable tool for developing quality questions to differentiate curriculum through the use of the dimensions of depth and complexity. There are 55 two-sided question stems, color 3” x 5” cards, with 10 question stems for each of the 11 dimensions of depth and complexity. Cards are printed on heavy, 24 point durable card stock paper.

An instructional brochure can be downloaded for free at  https://www.jtayloreducation.com/product-instructions/. The brochure provides a multitude of ways for educators to use these questions stem cards including: planning a discussion within a lesson, hooking students’ interest, and designing a culminating activity to name a few. Suggestions for student and parent uses are offered as well. The Q3 Question Stem Cards and their limitless possibilities equip teachers with tools that elicit critical and higher-level thinking from their students.



12 reviews for JTE-27 | Q3 Depth and Complexity Question Stem Cards

  1. Joyce B

    I had totally forgot I purchased this! I recently found it again. I have just started using it. It is fabulous and can’t believe I lived without this for so long!

  2. Misty

    Great product. I use these in many ways. Engaging in conversations with students!

  3. Tracy K

    This is an amazing set of question cards. The complexity range is perfect for mixed classrooms and the design is phenomenal! Thank you thank you!

  4. Kelly C

    I seriously love all of your resources. If I had more money, I would buy them all. This is something I have been using daily for the past year in my lesson plans. It really helps my students think with more depth about what they are learning.

  5. Sandra D

    I use Kaplan’s Depth and Complexity in my units of study and these cards are a wonderful addition to assisting with subject areas. Love them!

  6. Perri K

    I have used task cards in my classroom, but have wanted more open ended questions for my students. These seem perfect. I am teaching social studies for the first time along with science this year. I am excited that I have a great resource that I can use for both subjects.

  7. Jackie S

    Easy to use questions for higher level thinking. Common core at it’s best.

  8. Cynthia H

    Great questions! Easy way to extend learning.

  9. Danielle

    Hi John, I met you at TAGT last year and you told me I’d love this resource. Well you were right! Our Coordinator is now going to buy a set for all of our G/T Specialists.

  10. Cindy J

    Can’t wait to use this for the upcoming year! I’ve been looking for resources to extend students’ critical thinking skills.

  11. Lydia H

    I’m a fourth grade teacher in Texas and I introduced D&C to my students in the Fall of 2016. I use the Icon Cards and Q3 Cards in my classroom daily. I cannot begin to tell you the difference in my students. They are excited to THINK! I only wish I had these resources when I was a student.

  12. marja_miller

    I just ordered my second set. I love these cards. My high schoolers have to use these stems for their Socratic Seminars every Wednesday in English.

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