Thanks for being part of our Depth and Complexity Online Summit on 9-25-2021. Below you will find resource links from the various sessions offered at the Summit. Remember that some presenters choose not to share their entire slide decks. And some links will not be accessible until following the Summit once the activities are completed.

These resources will also be available once we post the edited recordings the week of October 4. You will receive an email detailing how to access those recordings.

Breakout Session 1

CAP and the D & C Icons – 8th grade Humanities (Middle School) Dr. Carrie Simpson

STEM and the Icons (Grades 3- 5) Blythe Brown

Deep & Complex Interactive Read Alouds for Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop (Grades 2-5) Sunny Bonnecarrere

Make Your Notes ICONic (Middle and High School) Parker Tredick

Choosing One Icon to Increase Complexity (Grade 1) Brittany Varao

The Great Debate (Grades 4-5) Amy Smith

Exploring Math Problem Solving with the Depth & Complexity Icons (Grades 4-6) Daniel Brillhart 

Breakout Session 2

Authentic Problem Solving with Universal Themes (Middle School) Vanessa Heller

Using D & C to Help 8th Grade English Learners Analyze the Relationship Between Cones and Cylinders Marcy Voss

Pain in your Brain Using D/C Pathways! (Upper elementary all core subjects) Kim Tredick

CAP and the DC Icons (High School) 11th Grade Humanities Dr. Carrie Simpson

Four Corners (Grades 3-5) Brittany Varao

Measuring Magnificence (Grades K – 2) Misty Lewin

  • Measuring Magnificence K-2 presentation

Incorporating Depth & Complexity into Reader’s Workshop (Grade 3) Sunny Bonnecarrere

Breakout Session 3

CAP Activities Planning Session (Middle and High School) Dr. Carrie Simpson

Using Depth and Complexity with Picture Books (Grade 1) Joelle Trayers

Lighten Your Load-Cross-Curricular Planning Made Easy (Elem. School) Kim Tredick

Depth & Complexity with Literary Characters (Elementary) Liz Harden

Quality Conversations (Grades 4-5) Amy Smith

Authentic Design Challenges with Iconic Thinking (Elem. School) Blythe Brown

Lighten Your Load-Cross-Curricular Planning Made Easy for Secondary Parker Tredick