J Taylor Education is now offering full and half-day online workshops on best practices for integrating Depth and Complexity into instruction. All of our trainers are all practitioners themselves. They all currently use the Framework with students.


Full-day online training costs $2,999 (half day is $1,850) for up to 150 participants. It consists of:

  • approximately 3-3.5 hours of live training (half-day is 100 minutes) through Zoom. Multiple interactive pieces are woven throughout to enhance the virtual learning experience. Each live session has two J Taylor trainers facilitating the training.

  • three to four asynchronous lessons to complete following the training – teachers can earn PD/GT/Clock hours this way.

  • recording of the live training for 6 months

  • 2 month access to our Depth and Complexity Video Library

  • follow-up support and Depth and Complexity website for school/district.


Online Coaching – One six-hour workshop is not nearly long enough to bridge the “Training to Practice” gap. Therefore, we now offer coaching sessions specifically designed to support educators’ needs as they implement D & C. Coaching sessions last 60 minutes. 2-Packs are $800 and 5-Packs are $1,750. ** Coaching Sessions are only offered for those that have completed at least one full-day workshop.


Interested in online PD? Want to chat with administrator or teacher that has taken part in our online learning this summer? Complete the form below and we’ll get started customizing your learning experience.