New J Taylor Education Depth & Complexity Products – CAP and the Depth & Complexity Icons

Check out one of the newest Depth & Complexity products offered by J Taylor Education, The Center for Depth & Complexity.

CAP and the Depth & Complexity Icons: Empowering Critical Thinking for All Students uses the Depth and Complexity Icons in conjunction with the Triarchic Theory of Intelligence to elevate critical thinking from all students.

This laminated product folds out to a 12? x 18?, two-sided resource, loaded with thinking skills, question stems, content-specific examples, and sample reflection questions. The reverse side contains a planning template that can be copied for convenience. Prompting Creative, Analytical and Practical thinking from students has never been easier as you use this product over and over throughout the school year.

J Taylor Education, The Center for Depth & Complexity is the sole source publisher and provider of Depth and Complexity Framework products. The Depth and Complexity Framework is your differentiation solution, providing instructional tools to help teachers meet the needs of all students. Used in over 75,000 classrooms, the Depth & Complexity Framework creates renewed learning excitement in the classroom. Depth and Complexity is an instructional tool that empowers students to be independent thinkers and creative problem-solvers. The Depth & Complexity Framework works for all learners and shapes how educators instruct students on a daily basis. Depth and Complexity allows teachers to deliver challenging learning opportunities for all students. Learn more at Follow us on Twitter @JTaylorEdu