“Think Like A Disciplinarian” Literature Circles

Welcome to David Chung’s Session 3 offering. Below is all relevant information for this session. Please download the Session Packet and Print Resources prior to joining the Zoom meeting.

“Think Like A Disciplinarian” Literature Circles  11:30-12:10

Go beyond reading comprehension and worksheets: analyze and interpret literature at another level of sophistication! Using several academic disciplinary approaches integrated with literary skills and tasks from Literature Circles, students can engage with literature in multifaceted ways. Discover how “Think Like A Disciplinarian” and Literature Circles allow teachers to provide accessible yet complex pathways for students to actively engage in the discipline-specific research skills and literate tasks necessary for in-depth analyses and creative expressions. Intellectually rigorous and standards relevant, this session provides concrete strategies that will push students towards disciplinarian thinking.

Session Packet

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