Ms. Heller is Gold Coast CUE’s Outstanding Educator for 2020 and a contributor to a soon-to-be published book on anti-racist teaching practices. She is in her 23rd year of teaching and is a middle school humanities teacher for Oak Park Unified. She also serves as director and lead trainer of the Oak Park Inquiry Institute, site GATE Coordinator, and site representative to her district’s Diversity and Equity Task Force. In addition, Ms. Heller is a district peer coach and a district Innovator, helping colleagues incorporate technology into their pedagogical practices. She regularly presents best practices in inquiry/PBL and gifted education throughout California and beyond. In her spare time, Ms. Heller facilitates Teachers for Equity, a collective of educators and administrators furthering diversity and equity endeavors in schools. She is also a wife, mom to two talented teenage daughters and 4 cats, and is never far from a local conference, a good edu-read, or a Twitter chat.