Depth and Complexity Task Statement Differentiation Software!

The DCAP (The Depth & Complexity Alignment Project ) Software allows users to create differentiated Task Statements for up to three levels of learners (in the form of “I can/I will”) with the click of a button. Don’t love every part of differentiated lessons the software produces? Thinking Skills, Icons, Resource, Products and most parts of the statement can be modified by the end user. There is even a student area where they can create their own task statements and iconic pathways. Download your differentiated objectives as a PDF and plan your integration of Depth and Complexity for the entire year! 

  • 3 differentiation levels for teacher

  • separate student page

  • Icon Reference Sheets

  • Create PDF for task statements

  • Instructions and Demo Video

  • Task Statement includes Thinking Skill, Icon(s), Resource and Product. 

Annual Individual License – $25

School License – $499

District License – $999

Take DCAP for a Spin – Free Trial