Depth and Complexity eLearning Modules

Our team has been working hard to create and deliver quality online Depth and Complexity learning opportunities. When the shutdowns and closures first occurred, there was a collective rush from many organizations to push content to the at-home educational community. J Taylor Education decided to wait things out in hopes of understanding some of the “do’s and don’ts” of this new learning world. I personally have spent countless hours researching the most engaging, memorable ways to deliver Depth and Complexity in online formats.

We begin our official leap into eLearning on May 5 with our “Quick-Hitter” Depth and Complexity Webinars. We’ve titled these free webinars “Depth and Complexity RULES,” not only because well, it just does, but frankly my tired exhausted brain couldn’t muster anything better at 2 a.m.

J Taylor Education recognizes and honors the countless hours of work educators have undertaken to pivot to distance learning in an unimaginably short amount of time. Amongst all the stress and uncertainty caused by this unprecedented shutdown, we hope our online approach to sharing the power and value of The Depth and Complexity Framework will provide a bit of excitement and change of pace, and help us remember just how rewarding it is empower students to be reflective, high-level thinkers. I wish good health and safety to everyone and hope to see you all in person sooner than later.

– John Gould, President and Owner, J Taylor Education