J Taylor Education’s Teaching Social Issues and Equity with Children’s Literature Through the Lenses of Depth and Complexity

By J Taylor Education

When students are challenged to think deeply about topics, they often encounter ethical dilemmas that are part of everyday life. When these teachable moments arise in the classroom, the new book from J Taylor Education, Teaching Social Issues & Equity with Children’s Literature Through the Lenses of Depth & Complexity, will help frame student thinking to consider social issues and cultural norms. This book will also assist with expanding your students’ world-view. It can lead your class toward advocacy as students work to gain a greater understanding of the world in which we live. This book shares ways to use picture books to integrate curriculum while providing differentiation.  The book explains how to guide students through topics of social and cultural interest. Each of the featured books is analyzed by the dimensions of Depth and Complexity. The featured literature books are grouped by five major topics/themes. You also are provided with suggestions for inquiry projects and other related books that can be explored.


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