J Taylor Education’s TALK Cards Thinking with Academic Language and Knowledge: How to Use Them

By J Taylor Education

TALK (Thinking with Academic Language & Knowledge) Cards are designed for use with all students to raise the level of thinking and offer practice of the academic vocabulary. TALK Cards are Depth and Complexity sentence stems which provide a structured context for building academic language. These sentence stems connect directly to the Depth and Complexity Icons. Using these cards in a classroom setting will encourage English Learners to use high level thinking and develop academic vocabulary while you differentiate the curriculum. There is a variety of ways to utilize the TALK cards: think/pair/share partner work, small group/centers, and even whole group. Sentence stems or “starters,” as they are sometimes called, support all students with using proper grammar and speaking in complete sentences. Using Depth & Complexity icons during oral language opportunities further builds the foundation for a strong differentiated curriculum.


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