J Taylor Education’s Q3 Spanish Cards: Quick, Quality Questioning Cards

By J Taylor Education

Asking deep and complex questions throughout your teaching day is one of the best ways to differentiate. Steering away from questions that require a yes/no answer is key; however, it can be tricky to think of deep questions to ask students in the moment (especially for students of differing English Language proficiency). The solution: consistent and daily use of the Q3 Spanish/English Cards from J Taylor Education assures that your students will raise their level of thinking. Q3: Quick, Quality Questioning cards are a valuable tool for all students as they work with the Depth and Complexity Icons. One side shows the question stem in English and the reverse side is in Spanish. Depending on the age of students in your class, they could be used “whole group” or for students to ask each other questions relating to a particular content area of study. The Q3 Cards and their limitless possibilities equip teachers with tools that elicit critical and higher-level thinking from students while utilizing the familiar Depth & Complexity Icons.


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