J Taylor Education’s Patterns Icon

By J Taylor Education

J Taylor Education’s Depth and Complexity Icons are the quintessential tool for differentiation. Icons are the visual prompts designed to help students go beyond surface level understanding of a concept while enhancing their ability to think critically. They encourage students to think like a disciplinarian (e.g. a biologist, historian, geographer, etc.) and therefore are extremely motivating. Icons are tools that help students dig deep into a concept and explore that topic with greater complexity. Utilizing the Depth & Complexity Icons and Framework is a widely-accepted, efficient, and successful way to differentiate the curriculum for your students.

The Patterns Icon is one of eight of the icons focusing on depth. It requires students to find recurring elements or factors in ideas, objects, and stories. Items may be predictable, repetitive, or ordered. When students are able to analyze a concept and find numerous patterns that relate, they are they are using varied thinking skills, making connections, and producing scholarly insights.

Our instructional brochure with introduction and integration ideas can be downloaded for free at https://www.jtayloreducation.com/product-instructions/.


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