J Taylor Education’s Introducing and Exploring the Dimensions of Depth and Complexity through Children’s Literature

By J Taylor Education

In order to be a truly deep thinker students need to take a complex look at topics from various disciplines. Differentiating throughout your lessons/activities is key. Asking your students to think in deep and complex ways will help them develop important learning skills that will become habits of mind, and establish a strong foundation as they become lifelong learners. The challenge can be coming up with a plan to introduce and explore the dimensions of depth & complexity. That’s where J Taylor Education’s new book Introducing and Exploring the Dimensions of Depth and Complexity Through Children’s Literature can help you out.

This book provides educators with an easy, practical way to introduce the 11 Dimensions of Depth & Complexity using popular children’s books. With 36 stories in all, teachers will find numerous options for introducing, and then integrating the Depth & Complexity dimensions with all levels of learners. For teachers who have never heard of the Dimensions of Depth & Complexity to those currently using them during instruction, this book prompts students to engage in literature discussions in a deeper, more complex manner – all while providing a foundation for using the Depth & Complexity dimensions across all disciplines.


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