J Taylor Education’s Frames-Maker Software

By J Taylor Education

One of the most effective ways to differentiate the curriculum is to use a Depth and Complexity Icon Frame. A Frame, like it sounds, is a way for students to “frame” their thinking by using the Depth & Complexity icons. They can show the deep and complex ways they have analyzed content while creating a unique and fun product. The Frames-Maker software from J Taylor Education gives you a plethora of product options to use with your students. Essentially, when making a Frame, students choose a big idea or central focus which they capture in the middle of their Frame. Around the outside of the Frame (4 sides of the rectangle) students can demonstrate their knowledge of the curriculum in various ways. They can think like a different disciplinarian: sociologist, geographer, philosopher, etc.

Once you begin using frames with children you never seem to stop. They are a handy and engaging way for students to show what they know and for you to differentiate successfully!


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