J Taylor Education’s Customizable Frames: Frames-Maker Software

By J Taylor Education

J Taylor Education offers an easy way to help you provide differentiation in the classroom: Frames. The Frames-Maker Software gives you the ability to make and customize your own Frames.  Frames help evaluate student products, explore themes and generalizations, focus on critical and creative thinking skills, and apply Depth and Complexity Icons to the core curriculum. The Depth & Complexity Icons can be easily added onto the 4 sides of the Frame giving students a place where they can explore the curriculum.

Frames-Maker software is an unlimited collection of Frames with modifiable Depth & Complexity and Content Imperative Icons. You can also add Universal Concept Art and text to your Frames. The license includes both teacher and student accounts. In addition, you also may access other teacher’s Frames in our national Frames database. The ability to create a class/classes and corresponding student assignments is also available. Frames can be saved in PDF format. You can try the software for free for 30 days. No credit card is required. It is only $4.00 a month or $36 annually after the trial ends. Bulk discounts are available for schools and districts.

Frames-Maker software is a handy and engaging way for students to show what they know and for you to differentiate successfully!


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