J Taylor Education’s Depth and Complexity with a Creative, Analytical, and Practical Approach

By J Taylor Education

J Taylor Education’s CAP and the Depth and Complexity Icons product is a laminated teacher-friendly resource. The CAP product’s subtitle, Empowering Critical Thinking for Students, summarizes this resource’s purpose perfectly. Using the CAP product will empower your students to think critically by tying the Depth & Complexity Icons into your content as you differentiate. It will at the same time provide you with ideas for tasks students can complete within the CAP domains. It folds out to a 12? x 18? and is two-sided. This differentiation creation is full of thinking skills, question stems, content-specific examples, and sample reflection questions. The reverse side contains a planning template that can be copied for your convenience.

Prompting Creative, Analytical and Practical thinking from students has never been easier as you use this product over and over throughout the school year.


J Taylor Education is the sole source publisher and official provider of Depth and Complexity Framework products and workshops. The Depth and Complexity Framework is the differentiation solution, providing instructional tools that empower students to be independent thinkers and creative problem-solvers. Used in over 85,000 classrooms, the Depth & Complexity Framework creates renewed learning excitement in the classroom. Learn more at www.jtayloreducation.com. Follow us on Twitter @JTaylorEdu