Using J Taylor Education’s Depth and Complexity Mini Student Cards

By J Taylor Education

J Taylor Education’s Depth & Complexity Mini Student Cards are readily accessible for students as you differentiate. Students can quiz each other about curriculum as a review/assessment tool. Students can also work with partners and play games related to what they are studying. Your scholars can pull a card from the deck and try to apply it accurately to the corresponding lesson/topic. Additionally, you can utilize the cards as a method of evaluating what students know in the midst of a lesson. For example, students can show an icon from their ring at various stages of a lesson. If called on, students have to explain their reasoning as to the icon they have chosen. Teachers can gauge who is ready for further differentiation on a topic by the icons the student(s) choose to display/their explanation. This set is perfect for students to share and you’ll love their ease-of-use. Sets come complete with a book ring and drilled hole in the left corner of each card for easy storage.


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