J Taylor Education’s Deep and Complex Look Books

By J Taylor Education

The Deep and Complex Look Books greatly assist with classroom differentiation by providing students with meaningful ways to record their analysis of stories, take notes on various topics, and even record thoughts related to oral language presentations. The Depth & Complexity Icons are tied into each and every template that students can utilize to record their thinking. There are also two levels to the book in order to meet each teacher’s requirements as he/she differentiates the curriculum for students. Having the Depth and Complexity Icons readily accessible for students on every page of this book is not only handy—it is essential to meeting your student’s needs.


J Taylor Education is the sole source publisher and official provider of Depth and Complexity Framework products and workshops. The Depth and Complexity Framework is the differentiation solution, providing instructional tools that empower students to be independent thinkers and creative problem-solvers. Used in over 85,000 classrooms, the Depth & Complexity Framework creates renewed learning excitement in the classroom. Learn more at www.jtayloreducation.com. Follow us on Twitter @JTaylorEdu