J Taylor Education’s Convergence Content Imperatives Icon Magnet

By J Taylor Education

Differentiation with J Taylor Education’s Content Imperatives Icon Magnets coaxes students to think outside the box. Utilizing the Content Imperatives, much like the Depth and Complexity Icons, immerses students in your lessons while providing opportunities for learners to take risks and push their thinking to ever higher levels. In the middle of a discussion, an Icon magnet can be physically attached to information on the whiteboard to help students make connections. As you differentiate, the Icon Magnets can also be moved around on the board by students themselves. This gives students a safe opportunity to make mistakes and self-correct.

The Convergence Magnet is one of the Content Imperative Magnets included in the set. When students use this magnet, they are analyzing how ideas meet to form a new or different idea. Additionally, students can expand their thinking by connecting this magnet to other Depth & Complexity Icon Magnets.


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