J Taylor Education’s Content Imperatives Poster

By J Taylor Education

J Taylor Education has a product that is a creative new representation of the Content Imperatives—the Content Imperatives Poster!

As you and your students begin exploring topics in deep and complex ways, put this poster up in your room to reinforce your students’ newfound knowledge and new perspective on learning. This 27″ X 19″ poster contains all 5 Content Imperatives and a small Depth & Complexity Icon bar as well. Printed on 100lb. matte cover stock, this poster is sturdy and “glare-proof.” Placing posters, such as this one, up in your room facilitates student use of the icons. The process of differentiation is assisted by having visuals available for students to refer to throughout the day. This is an easy resource to have available for students and will cultivate learning in your classroom and works very well in conjunction with the Depth and Complexity Icons poster. For more information on the Content Imperatives check out this link: https://www.jtayloreducation.com/app/uploads/2016/05/Content-Imperative-Cards-Instruction-Booklet.pdf


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