J Taylor Education’s Content Imperative Icon Magnets: Convergence

By J Taylor Education

Invite students to take a more sophisticated look at what you are studying with the Content Imperative Magnets. Students will love moving these magnets around on the whiteboard. You can use the magnet in specific ways: as part of a frame drawn on the whiteboard or as a game. It is fun to try and see how many Content Imperatives you can connect to what you are studying! They work very well when paired with Depth and Complexity Icons as well. Placing the magnets on the whiteboard is a great visual for students as they delve deeper into the curriculum.

The Convergence Magnet is one of the Content Imperative Magnets included in the set. When students use the Convergence Magnet they are able to analyze how ideas meet to form a new or different idea. Magnets can be purchased from J Taylor Education as a set of 5. These 4” x 6” sturdy magnets are light enough to easily slide on your whiteboard, and strong enough to hold up papers. Combine each Content Imperative Icon with Depth & Complexity Icons for an even bigger boost to your ability to differentiate.


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