J Taylor Education’s Content Imperative Icon Cards: Parallel

By J Taylor Education

One of the most effective ways to differentiate the curriculum is to utilize the Depth & Complexity Icons. For students who are proficient with using the Depth and Complexity Icons there is another level of differentiation to master. Students who are ready to delve even deeper into the curriculum need to take the next step and explore and work with the Content Imperative Icon Cards. Content Imperatives truly hone student thinking in on the specifics of a particular content area/subject as you differentiate during lessons.

The Parallel Icon is one of the Content Imperative Icons. When students use the Parallel Icon they are analyzing the similarities (and differences) between two topics or areas of study. The Content Imperative Icon Cards used in conjunction with the Depth and Complexity cards or Icons can help students out-line or define the areas within a study that best correlate to their own needs, interests and abilities.

On the reverse side of each Content Imperative Icon there is a list of suggested ways to put each Icon into practice. The Icons can be purchased from J Taylor Education as a complete set (11 in all) plus Content Imperative/Depth and Complexity combo cards. The final card shows all 5 of the Imperatives plus 5 that are combined with a dimension of Depth & Complexity.


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