J Taylor Education’s Bestseller: Content Imperatives Icon Magnets

By J Taylor Education

Just as keys unlock a door, the Content Imperatives Icon Magnets help students unlock meaning of an area or topic of study as you provide differentiation for your students. Much like the Depth and Complexity Icons, the Content Imperatives Icons give students a prompt to initiate inquiry about subject matter. Going deeper than the Depth & Complexity Icons, Content Imperatives focus the investigation of a topic of study from a broad, general area to a more structured and specific one. Note the differences in these two examples:

Students will investigate different elements of weather related to farming.

Students will investigate the convergence of different elements of weather on farming.

Content Imperatives Icon Magnets are an excellent tool to use as you differentiate the curriculum for your students. The magnets are highly motivating and will help students succeed with the challenging tasks you set before them!


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