J Taylor Education publishes products and provides training focusing on The Depth and Complexity Framework.

The Depth & Complexity Framework, which has been called “The Thinking Curriculum” is used in thousands of schools and districts to create appropriately differentiated and rigorous learning experiences for all students.

While used originally within Gifted/Talented Education programs, Depth & Complexity has “spilled-over” as intended, into the heterogeneous classroom. With a renewed focus on college & career readiness and preparing the “21st-Century Learner,” educators are turning to Depth & Complexity as the pedagogical engine that ensures students are prompted to think like disciplinarians in a deeper manner about content.

The Depth & Complexity Framework’s components:

  • High-Level, Critical, Creative Thinking Skills

  • Depth & Complexity Icons/Prompts

  • Content Imperative Icons/Prompts

  • Universal Concepts & Generalizations

  • Disciplinarian Thinking and Scholarly Behaviors

are used in conjunction to make traditionally scripted curriculum and instruction more open-ended, triggering and stimulating all students’ abilities.